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It seems like you’ve provided information about a personalized table mat with specific dimensions (11 x 23 inches, 3 mm thick) and highlighted some of its features. This information is quite similar to the details you provided earlier for an extended mouse pad. If it’s indeed the same product or a similar one with personalized options, here’s a summary:

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Table Mat

  1. Size and Thickness:
    • Dimensions: 11 x 23 inches
    • Thickness: 3 mm
    • Large enough to accommodate a full-sized keyboard, mouse, and laptop.
  2. Cleaning:
    • Easy to clean.
    • Can be wiped with a wet towel or washed.
  3. Surface:
    • Soft and smooth surface.
    • Aids in fast and accurate mouse tracking.
  4. Water Resistance:
    • Water-resistant coating to prevent damage from spilled water or drinks.
  5. Personalization:
    • Mentioned as a personalized table mat, suggesting customization options.
  6. Versatility:
    • Can be used as an extended mouse pad.
    • Also suitable as a desk pad, writing pad, and platform protection mat.

This product seems to offer a combination of size, thickness, ease of cleaning, water resistance, and versatility, with the added feature of personalization. It can serve multiple purposes and is designed to provide a comfortable and functional surface for various activities.


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